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Highest and Best Use Analysis 
We analyze development plots and provide estimation as to the best use with regards to the intended use and phasing based on current and future market trends and we provide potential partners or investors who will team up with local developers so that the value of the plot can be maximized.
Concept Design Consultancy 
We offer to our clients advice regarding the concept of their future project which tailored to the need of the local tenants and which maximizes the value of their project. This advice includes our recommendation about the visibility and accessibility of the project, overall size and parking ratio, phased development, ratio of buildable area to leaseable area, divisible areas within the project, etc. With regards to retail projects, we can offer advice about the merchandise mix and tenant mix, rent and revenue projections, footfall projections, capital contribution levels, etc.
Market Research 
Given our track record in the local market and our access to information, we are in a position to provide valuable market information to all market participants who use information regarding rent levels, achieved sales prices, etc. in their decision making process.
Investment Sale and Acquisition 
With our access to international investors and our experience in the local market, we are able to provide investment advice to both buyers and sellers and to assist with negotiations.
Tenant Representation
Given our track record and experience with both international and domestic retailers and office users, we are perfectly position to seek adequate space for both retailers who are looking for space outside of shopping malls and office users who
Landlord Representation
With our experience working on large scale and medium scale projects, we are in the position to provide representation to our clients where we can maximize rent levels as well as the value of the project. We also provide representation on exclusive or non-exclusive basis for stand-alone retail locations.


Cordon is a real estate consultancy  / brokerage firm offering comprehensive services to local developers, international investors, banks, tenants, and all market participants.  We always position our interests alongside the interests of our clients in order to provide the best possible service.


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